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    we no longer provide accommodation
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    horse riding


    With my Alexander Training, I bring an approach to co-ordinated training that will heighten body awareness and improve movement.
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    alexander technique


    Discover how to eliminate unnecessary tension and move more effectively in your job or in whatever task you do with the help of the Alexander Technique
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    Yoga classes have been temporarily suspended
Studioevolving embraces the concept of self care and healing where we can share our experiences and the benefits of:-

• alexander technique and
• horse riding and healing with horses

Alexander Technique and caring for our educated horses are an integral part of our lifestyle and well-being we can shre with you.

Our life is built around the wisdom and healing qualities of our horses and the beauty and experience of our environment here in the yarra valley.

This wonderful cross ferilization makes possible new ways to find inner peace and live more harmoniously on this land we share and with those around us.

Share our caring life approach.
John Cuthbert & Marigold Smith